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Saving the best for…

Blacklace Competition - Body Shot

I entered another competition on Saturday, this time for the Blacklace Model competition! I had major issues leading up to the cutoff date for submissions (18th June) as I had dramas with Viewer 2 (and Firestorm) crashing on me every time I tried taking photos with Shadows rendered. If you’re on my friends list you would have seen me bouncing in and out of SL easily 20 times or more. It got to the stage I was so disheartened that I thought I wasn’t going to be able to enter, even though I really really wanted to! 😦

For more viewing pleasure click here:
Scantily Clad


Thinking about the time when nothing really mattered

I’m going all whimsical for a bit & its not surprising really.  The Designers United 3 Showcase is on (just in case you hadn’t heard ;p). I’m sure there will be many inspired posts coming through on the feeds over the next couple of months.  I love the theme: Vaudeville, its so Old World Romantic.  I’m a retro girl at heart so this takes me back to the very foundations of my wardrobe preferences.

Today is just a quick peak at how I’ve been influenced by the DU<3, I’m hoping to get more pics & another post up soon when my RL clients aren’t draining the lifeforce out of me :G

PLEASE NOTE: I have treated this image heavily for effect, so please, go check out the items directly and where possible try on demos.  In saying all that, this image couldn’t be what it is without the creativity of the designers who made all this yummy goodness J

HAIR: Fri.day “Cassie” in Cynical Black
HAT & GLOVES: Part of Krisha Ivanova’s DU<3 Dollita “La Biche” outfit (how could I NOT buy this???) – I will be posting more pics of this outfit soon!
WRIST COLLARS: from Ryfre “Twisted Swiss Noir”
NAILS: MANDALA “Takara Nail” (Thank you Sasy for my Xmas present <333333)
LASHES:  Chaisuki “Lashes 15”
SKIN: Ugly Duck “Lucy” Henna (Powder – Red Lips)
(Please check SLURL page for Landmarks)

Just quickly on the skin, I’ve known Fade Lei for good a long while and it was a surprise when I tp’d to Dirty Cute the other day to check out some of her sister, Fade Dana’s creations at Hat Mechanic.  Lei’s skins are beautiful and the Henna ones are absolutely gorgeous! I would have bought more but I had to save my Linden’s for Xmas presents :O

These skins are full of personality and its lovely to see how they transform each Avatar very differently.  The Lucy tone really suited me, but I loveeeeeee Lei’s paler shades. If you’re brave enough not to go for the ’I’ve been visiting a solarium during winter’ look (*coughs* like me *coughs) & like a paler tone skin then go grab the demos

OH & join the group – its 250L to join but there are some great Freebie skins for being a group member ^_^

Derby Girls

Gara Beck of G&G is having a competition this month to win 2000l so I went for a visit and picked up her Rollercoaster outfits to use them for some Roller Derby pics that I’ve been wanting to create for some time & here they are!  LMs can be found on the Store SLURLs page

Derby Girl - Feisty Doll

Feisty Doll:
HELMET: Hat Mechanic “Motor-Head II” in Silver-Blue Dirty
HAIR: Lamb “Say Redux” Ink (Limited Edition hair, not currently available)
SHIRT: G&G “Rollercoaster” Jacket in Blue
SHORTS: G&G “Rollercoaster”
PIERCINGS: Acid & Mala “Shut up! Piercing” – 8th Ball
NECKLACE: Primitive Designs “Wired Love”
LEFT WRIST: Primitive Designs “Wired Love” Leather Wristband
RIGH WRIST: ::FlipSide:: “Silver n Black” Bangles
BELT: *BLITZED* “Plugged” Belt
KNEEPADS: Custom made by Sasy (not for sale)
SOCKS: G&G “Rollercoaster” in Blue
ROLLERSKATES: Pixel Mode “Roxy Rollers” in Black
SKIN: Ugly Duck “Little Mechanic” (Group Freebie – definitely worth the 250L fee to join!)
TATTOO: Garden of Ku “Eye of the Tiger”





Derby Girl - Smack Stardust







Smack Stardust:
HELMET: Blood Royal “Skate Helmet”
HAIR: ((JUNWAVE)) “Rebecca” Light Brown
SHIRT: G&G “Rollercoaster” Jacket in Purple
SHORTS: G&G “Rollercoaster”
GLASSES: Epoque “Feline Shades” Neon
PIERCINGS: *JetDoll*  Piercing set #6
LEFT & RIGHT WRIST: BamaLama “Noodie” Bracers in Pink (made for me by Bama <3)
ELBOW & KNEE PADS: Custom made by Sasy (not for sale)
SOCKS: G&G “Rollercoaster” in Purple
ROLLERSKATES: Pixel Mode “Roxy Rollers” in White
SKIN: Tyranny Designs “Dinah in Fall” -Toast- Radio- w/light nostril- bandaid
TATTOO: Garden of Ku “Give me Poison”


Derby Girl - Killer Tease






Killer Tease:
HELMET & EYEPATCH: Hat Mechanic “Mini Maus helmet”
HAIR: Lamb “Oh Sugar” Mango
SHIRT: G&G “Rollercoaster” Jacket in Black
SHORTS: G&G “Rollercoaster”
CIGARETTE: Nait Smith “Cigg Black” w. Animation
TIE: [ Love Soul ] Necktie “Punk Girl” Silver
LEFT WRIST: [ Love Soul ] Wristband “Punk Girl” Silver
RIGHT WRIST: Primitive Designs “Wired Love” Leather Wristband
SOCKS: G&G “Rollercoaster” in Black
ROLLERSKATES: +DV8+ Cyber Jammer Black/Red
SKIN: Nikkita Fride “Fighter” smooth face
TATTOO: Garden of Ku “Carpe Diem”

The Linden Lab takeover of XstreetSL & Onrez

I love how Prad’s blog offers a blend of funny and serious topics & today’s was an interesting, well written (as always) & though provoking statement about Linden Lab’s recent notice about their take over of Xstreet SL & Onrez.


I’m not going to say I got my rant on, because that wasn’t the case at all, but I certainly felt compelled to give my two cents worth on the topic as I know everyone is talking about the negative aspects of this.


I’m not dismissing that there are negative implications to this change.  But with all changes, there is opportunity as well.  So I’ve copied below my response on Prad’s blog about this recent change (opportunity).


“I know a lot of people see the doom & gloom in this, I agree that this is further monopolisation by LL – but how much of this is bad & how much of this is good?

I think we often lose sight of the fact, that while this is a virtual world, behind it is an organisation which, like most organisations, is driven by profit. 

Without profit, this (our) world would not exist.
Lets not lose sight of that.

Personally, I feel that anything which improves the search facilities of SL is a good thing, the way LL have gone about doing this is a clever and smart business decision.

This also opens the doors for a multitude of opportunity. SLX & Onrez while convenient & a hell of a lot more effective then the inworld search, both have their pitfalls.  Its simply that no one has taken the initiative to create competitve marketplaces to these – possibly now with the impending changes, more individuals with the skills to do this will be looking at how to set this up.

Prad, you make a valid comment about ‘larger’ stores being driven to offworld sites that encourage people to purchase their items for inworld delivery – how different is this to a RL situation of (retail) businesses creating a web presence & further promotion of their business? 

This is definitely one avenue that I’m sure many businesses will be pursuing, along with businesses collaborating together to create their own offworld marketplaces.

Retail sim owners! What a great opportunity for you to consider setting up a website that offers an offworld marketplace for the stores on your sim, along with a blog, where your store owners are contributors and can not only promote & advertise when new products are released but give residents the convenience to purchase these items inworld & out of it?????”


Yes LL have done this to further themselves, but lets not discount the opportunities that are presented to residents & business owners to further grow the Secondlife Community by promoting SL through external promotion of their businesses.

Comments welcome

Pure, unadulterated

So I’m a Post 6 Grrrl

First and foremost, thanks has to go to Bunny for allowing me to be a Post 6 Grrrl, ❤ you Bun Bun, no matter what your profile says *wink*.  You know I’m still dying to be in your Graphic novel & I’m looking forward to working with you again soon!

Now story time.

Way back when I was a little noob still finding my way around our big wide Second world, a very patient woman helped me out, taught me how to ’emote’ and put more feeling into what I was chatting, gave suggestions on how to engage people and ‘build a picture’ with my words.  She really took the time to Role play with me and set me to thinking how to more actively engage in RP and helped me to see the benefits that could be gained out of it . (You see, for me, Second life is the first virtual environment where I’ve ever interacted virtually with other people).

That was Silk Fussbudget. 

Silk also hinted that I should give serious thought to my appearance, gave me suggestions on places that I should shop, helped me think about creating ‘images’ to achieve a look.  Every time I saw Silk she looked completely different.  From a dazzling beautiful fairy, to a bald headed tattooed Lesbian, Silk always wowed me with her looks.  I was very much in awe of the ease of how she was able to create these persona’s.   I have to thank Silk for telling me about Szentasha & the thigh high latex boots that I still slip on occasionally when I’m putting together one of my fantasy outfits. 

Oh & I have to give complete credit to her for telling me Goldie Locks Hair. I had Hairgasms the day I stepped into that store.  Now that I think about it, that was the first time I threw caution to the wind and ended up buying 5-6 different styles in the one shop at the same time.  (I used to agonise over hairstyles & whether they would suit me or not).  Now I know even the most die hard of you will be saying ‘thats nothing’ but to a noob only being in world for a couple of months it was a revelation to find a place that had so many styles, that were so reasonably priced with great colour pack variations.  And yes, again, every once in a while, I’ll put one of their styles or another on to see how it looks. 

Sienna was my signature hair.  Every time I put it on when I was a dancer, people would sit there mesmerized as I would wrap them up in it like a blanket, play hidey in there, do all sorts of naughteh things while other people couldn’t see through my long full lustrous locks.  I became well known for my “hair jobs”.

The point to my story about Silk is that not long after I met her, Silk became a Post 6 Grrrl.  I was so in awe of knowing this lovely person that the whole of SL knew as well. So, in light of my recent honour, I dedicate my Post 6 Grrrl status for the week to Silk & all those other unsung heroes that spend their patient time holding Noobies hands as they take their toddler steps through Second life.

(If you were wondering about my different looks, here are the details:)

Post 6 Grrrl pic #1 (courtesy of Bunny Brickworks)

Skin: PXL, Linda “Tan” Cat Eyes, Dark Lips (Hart pleeeeeeeease get your skins back out!!!)

Tattooes: Garden of Ku, Night in Kandahar

Hair: Philotic Energy, Zoey in “Charcoal”

Jewellery: Swallowtail Designs, Naturalist Necklace, Hair clips and bracelet (not shown)

Shirt: Zaara ZC Tie n Dye, “Turquoise”

Pants: CE Cubic Effect, Flare Trousers “Blue” (not shown)


Post 6 Grrrl Picture #2 (courtesy of Bunny Brickworks)

Skin: Geisha “Lacquer” by Iris Ophelia (for Another Fundraiser)

Hair, Jewellery & Clothing: B@re Rose Tokyo, Nocturne #3


Post 6 Grrrl Picture #3 (courtesy of Bunny Brickworks)

Skin: PXL, Crys Deep Eyes Blood Lips

Tattoo: Designs of Darkness, Poppies (Vibrant)

Hair: Ingenue, Boogie Woogie “Blue Black”

Gloves: Draconic Kiss, Skull n Ribbons

Shoes: Unique Needs, Death Dolly Goth Mary Jane All Colours (not shown)