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Moody Lyndsey May

Ok so I fail at blog titles but I win at what I’ve got to blog about! 🙂

…it was lovely to come home Friday night to find a box of goodies from Camilla Yosuke of Insolence waiting for me to unpack & I was not disapointed.

Moody Lyndsey May

‘May’ is the name of her latest set of Lingerie and its a lovely delicate set comprising of Bra, Girdle, Panties and several sets of stockings for you to choose. You can choose to wear the Bra & panties on their own or you can wear the Bra, Girdle and Panties together or if you feel like being ‘oh so risque’ why not just wear the Girdle and show off your assets 😉

Another little box of joy came my way in the name of Lyndsey after Sachi & I were chatting at a sim Cajsa pasted the landmark for in a conference chat for her friends who happened to be online at the time…..

For more viewing pleasure click here:
Scantily Clad


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