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Untamed Ezura

Ezura Untamed

What a week it’s been! If you haven’t been to Another Fundraiser then Go GO GO! There are some great deals to be had on make ups and skins, definitely limited release things…. I’m going to work my way through my favourites in my next few blogs to give you some idea of what you can get.

Starting with this amazingly creative skin by Coffee Biscuit. Sasy & I were wowed by it when we saw Coffee putting her vendor up for this, at the same time that Creamy was there. I stupidly made a comment about Creamy Coffee (hey! I was tired, lol) before logging off & was then unable to sleep for several hours stressing about what I was going to do for Another Fundraiser…..

For more viewing pleasure click here:
Scantily Clad


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