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My Anti Valentine

In case you haven’t heard, Chic Limited‘s latest Event “Anti Valentine” is now open for your viewing & shopping pleasure.

So I had a think about what my idea of an Anti-valentine would be, there’s so many different ways in which to be an Anti-Valentine, from being some “Revenge Driven Biach from Hell” to a “Complete Sobbing Mess” and everything in between but I believe the best Anti-Valentine is “I’ve moved on and doing even better without you”.

Anti V

Relationships are never easy, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Not all relationships will last, its sad but its true. Just because it didn’t work out with one person doesn’t mean that you are a Reject or that you don’t deserve love.

Be kind to yourself.

You do deserve love and the greatest source of that love is from within. Treat yourself, go do something you’ve always wanted to but never thought you would or could, do it because it makes you happy, because it makes you feel alive. Most of all do it to show yourself love. Give yourself the love you have inside to give others, then share it with people who deserve it.

Give yourself time to recover from the loss, don’t put pressure on yourself to think that you’ll wake up tomorrow and you’ll be AOK, just focus on one day at a time.

Onto the clothes! I’m wearing items from 3 Designers currently featured at the Anti Valentine Even which is currently running until the 26th of Feb, so still plenty of time to show off your Anti Valentine. Raw was a new Hair designer for Sasy & I. Peqe’s cute outfit with & without the Skirt (I chose to wear it without, that bodysuit is HAWT) and Gos, who has a deliciously bloody pair of GTFO boots available, I just chose to show off the Curvaeous ones for this post instead 😉


POSES: Just a Pose by Glamourama Boa
SKIN: :GP: Petal [Dark] Ice Queen Frostbite 1
TATTOO: *mia* SACRED HEART Tattoo – Big
HAIR: RAW HOUSE :: Sydney [Jet]
MAKE-UP: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics – Glittery Smokey Eye (Blue)
EYELASHES: [LeLutka] – Funk (Blue)
NECKLACE: /artilleri/ Corazon necklace
BODYSUIT: Peqe – Anti-Fierce-Valentine – Available at the Chic Limited Event
STOCKINGS: *Linc* Half Fishnet Stockings Black – Normal
GLOVES: (Royal Blue) Put Em Up Gloves in Petrol Blue Mesh
SHOES: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot – Black & Fuschia


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