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A time of need

Extend a Helping Hand

I can’t begin to tell you the emotions rushing through me at the moment as I watch images on television of what is going on around me. And in the last couple of days this has become very literal and very real. I continue to watch the stories in shock of what has happened to towns and most especially the people as my part of the world goes under in brown murky muddy swelling torrents of water washing away everything in its part without mercy.

Right now its relentless.

The last news update states that Nine people have tragically lost their lives, another 15 are gravely feared for in addition to another 66 that are currently unaccounted for. Some of our Family live Far North and also west of us and only today I heard that my Father in Law & his Wife were in Toowoomba an hour before a flash flood ripped through the town without warning and changed the lives of so many for ever more. I gasped and couldn’t believe just how fortunate we have been to still have these people in our lives and I strongly believe that of all the tragedy and chaos that is currently going on what each and every Queenslander who can walk away from is the strength and unity and the value of the people who mean something to our lives.

To date we have been pretty fortunate but our luck is just about to run out. The house that we used to live in on the other side of town, which we currently rent out is about to flood. My husband works over that way and would have stayed to help the Tenant out except for the fact that if he had of, he would not be with me right now.

And for both of us during this time, there is no place we would rather be then together giving each other the strength and courage and support to face what may be ahead of us tomorrow. The last time that house flooded was over 35 years ago and since that time we have always been told that 74 was a one in 100 year occurence and would never happen again in my lifetime.

Truly, honestly, I’m dumbfounded by whats going on.

We are currently ‘relatively’ safe where we now live, however it is across from a park with a creek flowing through it that I have seen elevated considerably only a couple of months ago, our current house is built up quite a bit so if the floodwaters rise the worst that could probably happen to us is the roads will flood and block us in for a day or so. Its currently 10.30pm and for now I am lucky enough to say that I should be able to go to work tomorrow and life should continue on fairly normally for me.

But this is not the case for so many of my fellow Queenslanders & they need your help.

Kat Johnston, who is also known as Sanu Sakai in Second Life has so generously devoted her time to bring together many wonderful designers who have graciously offered to donate some or all of the proceeds of the sale of some of their goods to help raise funds for those who are not as fortunate as myself.

The Extend a Helping Hand Market & Fundraiser Event will be operating from now until the 31st of January and the money you contribute towards it will make a real difference to the many people so tragically affected by this.

I’m wearing a couple of Items that I picked up today from the Extend a Helping Hand Market (EaHH Market) which has vendor boards set up for you to purchase goods or simply just to donate what you can.

Extend a Helping Hand

HAIR: Clawtooth: Cat Call – Sunset (temporary mainstore)
SKIN: :Gala Phoenix: Petal [Dark] Ice Queen-Charcoal
MAKEUP: Kyoot Makeup – Feline (Enchanted)

DRESS: [W&B] Whippet & Buck Queensland Party Frock ROSE – AVAILABLE AT THE EAHH MARKET

GLASSES: Berries Inc silly goggles – Free! ❤
PIERCING: Jetdoll Septum/Labret/Monroe on mouth
JACKET: The Secret Store – Bow-Lero – Jacket
SHOES: [DOCS-V2] 8 HOLE – F – Black [Left] – meadow
NEWSPAPER: -RC- RC Cluster Newspaper Umbrella – available on the Marketplace
TAKEN USING: VR Foundry Studio

Everyone can make a difference.

Thank you


6 responses to “A time of need

  1. Sasy Scarborough January 12, 2011 at 12:01 am

    You are amazing and I hope you and yours are safe ♥

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  3. Kat Johnston January 13, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    Hi Newdoll,

    I hope that everything is going ok with you and your family. Your emotions reflect my own: it is just incredible to see how these floods are ripping through Queensland, and by extension, now affecting parts of New South Wales with the run-off from the Toowoomba flash flood. When I first started organizing this event, it had only just hit my home-town, and I could not imagine at that point that it would make its way to where I am, here in Brisbane.

    Stay safe. I thought the worst was over after it had moved on from Bundaberg, but nothing seems certain at the moment at all.


    Kat Johnston/Sanura Sakai.

    • Newdoll Nikolaidis January 13, 2011 at 11:02 pm

      Hi Kat, thank you so much for stopping by & I hope you are safe too! I’ve got many friends that have been affected to all varying degrees, i honestly don’t think any Queenslander could put their hand up and say they have not been affected by what has gone on over the last week.

      Fortunately where I live in Carseldine for the most part is unaffected, we can come & go, have power, can cook, have a roof over our heads, have a shower and wash my clothes, all really basic things we all take for granted but really are luxuries right now!! I feel so guilty about and we have opened our home to anyone who is in need of those very simple luxuries right now.

      ty again


      • Kat Johnston January 14, 2011 at 1:35 pm

        Yes, my hubby and I handed out our number more than a few times to people we know (and people we didn’t) in case they needed somewhere to stay on high ground. It’s just what you do when situations like this arise – you do what you can and hope it makes a difference.

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