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At World’s End

There is a Bondage Pony Ride.  Sounds like my kind of ending.

Not that I knew that before I decided to fast forward to Amargeddon.

I was stalking Avatars in Motion blog looking for somewhere to do a post, completely different to the one I’m doing today and came across this most amazing place.

At World's End

Very reminiscent of Embryo & very definitey worth checking out, my photos don’t do the place justice. I just found the bondage pony (which is from Chanimations btw) and claimed that ride as my own.

At World's End

Location: World’s End

SKIN: :GP: (Curio) Petal [Dark] Autumn-Fatpack Bonus1 BL
DRESS: ::: B@R ::: (BareRose) White Angel
ROSES: un Jour *un jour de ROSE
NECK: un Jour de ROSE choker
HEADWREATH: un Jour * un Jour de ROSE wreacth
HAIR: (Posh) ; Blow ; Blow


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