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Keeping it Simple

Keeping it simple

Only a little post from me today, I just got back from a work conference on the weekend with a hangover 😐

It was a good conference I learnt a lot with my head pounding & dying of thirst for a glass of water, I could almost be mistaken for thinking that the actual workshops were a form of torture for drinking too much wine the night before – yes I had good reason to! I was networking!!!

Soooooooo…… new skins from Curio!! I’m loving all over Autumn right now, she’s very sweet & innocent, apparently something I’m not according to Eclectic so I guess this is me being a devil in disguise.

Speaking of Eclectic, she’s got some new sweaters dresses out too – these soft warm dresses are sure to keep your lady lumps warm in these cooling months so run go get them now!


Pose: Adorkable
Skin: :GP: (Curio) Petal [Dark] Autumn-Ember BL
Hair: !lamb. Honey – Powder
Dress: e! (Eclectic) Daringly Sweater (Sea)
Belt: [BUKKA] Leather chain belt


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