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Just a little Teaser

This is just a little teaser of a post as I’m dipping my toe back into the blogging thing, with a little encouragement from Sasy, Mel, Whims, Ashia & my beloved Seatyn.

It feels good to be taking picks again and working my magic on them.

I’m wearing Idiosyncrasy’s new skin, Sonja. I lolled when Ashia released her limited edition of this skin (“Ashia when to Glastonbury”) – if I went to Glastonbury I think I’d just end up covered in mud, Ash got covered in cute flowers instead 😛 I had to pick up a skin when she released the line, a lot of heart has gone into Sonja, its a different style skin for me normally and I was impressed with how it looks!

I know what I’m wearing is not the latest of the latest but I’m loving it all the same and for a fuller figured shape I love how I’m now able to pick up some of Aoharu’s sculpted clothes and make them fit me – YAY!

I apologise in advance if I stuff this post up, I’m a little rusty, a lot of why I’m giving this another go is because I’m looking forward to learning as I go, so thanks for your paitence.

Enjoy! ❤

Just a little Teaser

SKIN – Idiosyncrasy Sonja Natural Base DB
HAIR – [ATOMIC] Hair_The Affair – Raven
TATTOO – MIASNOW Tattoo – LIPSTICK MARKS face ~RED (viewer 2+)
SHIRT – AOHARU DungareeLongShirt_White
UNDERWEAR – (Ooh LaLa!) Veronica Bows Knickers (pants)- Pink
HOSIERY – Pig – Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders – Petal
ACCESSORIES – NECKLACE ::Happy Finds:: Vintage Butterfly Necklace
ACCESSORIES – FLOWER: Arctic Greenhouse [AG] Hibiscus Flower – Black
ACCESSORIES – LEFT WRIST: Paper Couture P.C; Spring Multi-Stone Cuff (only available now in SL Marketplace)

(Please check my SLurls page for more current landmarks to these stores)


2 responses to “Just a little Teaser

  1. Sasy Scarborough September 29, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    I wanna sex you uppppppppppppp but don’t dob


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