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Thinking about the time when nothing really mattered

I’m going all whimsical for a bit & its not surprising really.  The Designers United 3 Showcase is on (just in case you hadn’t heard ;p). I’m sure there will be many inspired posts coming through on the feeds over the next couple of months.  I love the theme: Vaudeville, its so Old World Romantic.  I’m a retro girl at heart so this takes me back to the very foundations of my wardrobe preferences.

Today is just a quick peak at how I’ve been influenced by the DU<3, I’m hoping to get more pics & another post up soon when my RL clients aren’t draining the lifeforce out of me :G

PLEASE NOTE: I have treated this image heavily for effect, so please, go check out the items directly and where possible try on demos.  In saying all that, this image couldn’t be what it is without the creativity of the designers who made all this yummy goodness J

HAIR: Fri.day “Cassie” in Cynical Black
HAT & GLOVES: Part of Krisha Ivanova’s DU<3 Dollita “La Biche” outfit (how could I NOT buy this???) – I will be posting more pics of this outfit soon!
WRIST COLLARS: from Ryfre “Twisted Swiss Noir”
NAILS: MANDALA “Takara Nail” (Thank you Sasy for my Xmas present <333333)
LASHES:  Chaisuki “Lashes 15”
SKIN: Ugly Duck “Lucy” Henna (Powder – Red Lips)
(Please check SLURL page for Landmarks)

Just quickly on the skin, I’ve known Fade Lei for good a long while and it was a surprise when I tp’d to Dirty Cute the other day to check out some of her sister, Fade Dana’s creations at Hat Mechanic.  Lei’s skins are beautiful and the Henna ones are absolutely gorgeous! I would have bought more but I had to save my Linden’s for Xmas presents :O

These skins are full of personality and its lovely to see how they transform each Avatar very differently.  The Lucy tone really suited me, but I loveeeeeee Lei’s paler shades. If you’re brave enough not to go for the ’I’ve been visiting a solarium during winter’ look (*coughs* like me *coughs) & like a paler tone skin then go grab the demos

OH & join the group – its 250L to join but there are some great Freebie skins for being a group member ^_^


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