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Chasing the Dragon

Ok I got a little carried away with putting together the picture for this outfit but when I saw the Geisha belt at Fishy Strawberry it got me inspired.  I love the attention to detail in this belt; the multitude of layers as it wraps around your body and the bow at the front and the feeling of dimension when you’re wearing it.  There are a multitude of ways you could wear it – with a crisp white collared shirt, untucked with your favoured pair of pants, a 3/4 quarter length dress with a dramatic plunging V neck and shoulder pads (omg they’re back!)

Today I chose to wear mine with a short Cheongsam dress from Asian Inspiration, designed by SheOfTheSourSnailSuckers Sellery.  Isn’t this just the most fabulous name ever? I don’t know why but I immediately think of being tipsy on champagne trying to pronounce She’s full name. I’m sure I would be an epic fail but at least I’d entertain my friends trying! 😛

Thanks to Sasy & Whimsy for offering some great suggestions on where to check out, which included Musashi-Do, & Sysy’s

Gratis needs to go to the artists of Deviantart who uploaded the images & tools that helped me create the image;

Background from Arghus
Chinese lettering brushes from Sacred Lies
Smoke brushes from Falln

SKIN: DUTCH TOUCH “Jolie” Caramel RubyInTheSky
TATTOO: GARDEN OF KU “Dragon of the Rising Sun”
HEADPIECE: TOKYO B@RE ROSE (outfit “Nocturne No. 3”)
HAIR: INORITE “Cleo Bob” Paint it Black not currently for sale (Vio!!! pleeeeeeeease make more hairs! *puppy eyes*)
PIPE: TOKYO B@RE ROSE (outfit “Blown a Wish”)
DRESS: ASIAN INSPIRATION “Onyx Bamboo Mini Cheongsam”
BELT: FISHY STRAWBERRY “Geisha Leather Belt” in red

LEFT WRIST: LOULOU & CO “Bracelet Magnolia”

RIGHT WRIST:  LEEZU! “LalALa Bracelet” Orient



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