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LOTD 13 Nov 09

Ok, ok don’t all get too excited, yeah I’m actually blogging.  I just need to say upfront; this is gonna be rough & for the moment its mainly LOTDs – I wanna keep track of my wardrobe so I don’t end up wearing the same thing for a week (ok Sasy….. I admit weeksssss) at a time because I’m so in love with what I’ve put together.

Aren’t you the lucky one for finding out about my stylez (as a good friend tells me “you haz stylez” <3).  So I don’t bore you – I’m gonna visit a few locations you should check out if you haven’t already 😀

Todays LOTD was at the gorgeous Alirium, its one of those beautiful whimsical sims that you can’t help but wander around wearing rose coloured glasses and wish the world was this simple and beautiful.

Enjoy! ❤      

HAIR: LAMB “Baby’s on Fire” Ink

GLASSES: EPOQUE “Feline Shades” Neon

EAR PIERCINGS: GAUGED “Ear Gauged – Design5 – Emo”

DRESS/SHIRT: THE PLASTIK “Prototype Denim JL Polo”

WRAP: BOOM “Warm Shoulders” Red

RIGHT WRIST: (not shown) BAX “Flower Bracelet” Reds

LEFT WRIST: (not shown) W&Y “Bracelet” A

HANDS: (not shown) LUCK INC “Finger Tapes”

NAILS: (not shown) LOVE SOUL Prim nails “Devil” Red

BELT: IRELYN “Skinny Zebra Belt” (Can’t find a curent store at the moment D:)

PANTS: LAST CALL “Cecilia Cropped Capris” No longer available for purchase

SHOES: KOOKIE “Yuki” Ink Black


3 responses to “LOTD 13 Nov 09

  1. ashiatomsen November 15, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    ooh ooh ooh you’re back!!! YAY!!!!

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