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Fashionable Relay Challenge

Ok, first things first, I have to thank Sasy for this suggestion and little kick up the bum prompt for getting me back into blogging, yes its time for me to stand up and confess, I’ve been a ‘tard, its been a few days (ok, a few more then I’d like to consider) since my last blog.

But of course, who could pass up an opportunity to go shopping on purpose? ;D

Thanks to Teagan Blackthorne for passing the baton & off I run………

I’ve gone with a Tuli skin as my baton, Teagan had a custom skin from Tuli’s Kalista range and I’ve gone with one of Tuli’s new Natalia skins, its very girly I love the sweet freckles, all the skin tones are very natural – mine is sunkissed.

I’m heading out dancing with a friend this weekend so with any sexy dance ensemble I start from the bottom up.  When it comes to dancing, shoes matter! A.L.S. A.L.S.!! Always Look Sexy!!  I’ll let you in on a secret though – the more comfortable your shoes, the longer you’ll keep partying away & stay looking sexy all night long.  Taking your shoes off at any point in the night is NOT sexy!! You won’t have that issue with the Maitreya Soho Special Edition Brown Boots, from running out to catch the cab, to leaving the club & heading to the diner afterwards, you might not want to take them off even once you do get home *wink* 

So working from my Soho’s upwards comes to my shorts, ahhhhhh I could honestly live in shorts all year around…. well ok I pretty much do.   I love going out in them too, they’re great to dance in, especially if you can’t help but jump up on a stage if the club (who? me up on stage? Both Sasy & Aaren keep telling me I’m a Rawkstar so yar, ok, I guess I like a little bit of the spotlight now & then ;D).  These are the ‘nikukyu’ shorts from MNK, & its practically a guaranteed bet that if you haven’t been there before, you’ll buy the whole store.  After I post this blog I’m heading back there, I promise I’ll leave a few select items for you to fight it out over.

Attention boys – Catfight now in progress at MNK!!

Now for my shirt…… ohhhhhhhh I spotted the ‘Valerie’ Blouse at LeeZu Baxter a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for an outfit to wear at the Bushfire Charity Auction.  Voshie & I were talking about them while I was back there tonight & even though I had already bought the olive coloured shirt to go with the shorts from MNK, I ended up getting the fatpack. Now its my mission to wear every single one of them but I know that won’t be hard because the colours go with just about everything in my wardrobe.  I’ve chosen to go sheer with the shirt to show off my best assets and am wearing the scrumptious ‘Babara’ chocolate corset from Insolence underneath.

Accessories-wise, which I don’t tend to wear a lot of so have gone with some old favourite ‘Brown wood bangles’ from Fishy Strawberry on my right arm and the ‘Nostalgia’ necklace and braclet on my left arm from LouLou.  Hair by Maitreya (oooooh i didn’t realise, top & bottom by Maitreya, lololol) ‘Apple’ in Pitch (Ok so who isn’t wearing one of Maitreya’s new styles at the moment, but honestly they are all just gorgeous!)

/me shimmies up to Chance Greatrex and hands over the Baton, have fun!

Now I just have to hope that my dancing partner can keep up with me all night long 😉

Skin: ‘Natalia’ Tuli

Tattooes: ‘Give me poison’, from Garden of Ku

Hair: ‘Apple’, Maitreya

Necklace/Bracelet: ‘Nostalgia’, LouLou

Bangles: ‘Brown wood Bangles’, Fishy Strawberry

Shirt: ‘Valerie’ Blouse from LeeZu Baxter Designs

Corset: ‘Barbarba’ chocolate Corset, Insolence

Shorts: ‘Nikukyu’, MNK

Shoes: ‘Soho’ Special Edition Brown from Maitreya


2 responses to “Fashionable Relay Challenge

  1. sasyscarborough March 7, 2009 at 1:54 am

    Gorgeous post Newdoll, Yay for you.

    xoxSasy xox

  2. tesajewell March 7, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    Smexxxy! You look fab darlin, great outfit and great pictures (as expected from you) 🙂

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