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The Linden Lab takeover of XstreetSL & Onrez

I love how Prad’s blog offers a blend of funny and serious topics & today’s was an interesting, well written (as always) & though provoking statement about Linden Lab’s recent notice about their take over of Xstreet SL & Onrez.


I’m not going to say I got my rant on, because that wasn’t the case at all, but I certainly felt compelled to give my two cents worth on the topic as I know everyone is talking about the negative aspects of this.


I’m not dismissing that there are negative implications to this change.  But with all changes, there is opportunity as well.  So I’ve copied below my response on Prad’s blog about this recent change (opportunity).


“I know a lot of people see the doom & gloom in this, I agree that this is further monopolisation by LL – but how much of this is bad & how much of this is good?

I think we often lose sight of the fact, that while this is a virtual world, behind it is an organisation which, like most organisations, is driven by profit. 

Without profit, this (our) world would not exist.
Lets not lose sight of that.

Personally, I feel that anything which improves the search facilities of SL is a good thing, the way LL have gone about doing this is a clever and smart business decision.

This also opens the doors for a multitude of opportunity. SLX & Onrez while convenient & a hell of a lot more effective then the inworld search, both have their pitfalls.  Its simply that no one has taken the initiative to create competitve marketplaces to these – possibly now with the impending changes, more individuals with the skills to do this will be looking at how to set this up.

Prad, you make a valid comment about ‘larger’ stores being driven to offworld sites that encourage people to purchase their items for inworld delivery – how different is this to a RL situation of (retail) businesses creating a web presence & further promotion of their business? 

This is definitely one avenue that I’m sure many businesses will be pursuing, along with businesses collaborating together to create their own offworld marketplaces.

Retail sim owners! What a great opportunity for you to consider setting up a website that offers an offworld marketplace for the stores on your sim, along with a blog, where your store owners are contributors and can not only promote & advertise when new products are released but give residents the convenience to purchase these items inworld & out of it?????”


Yes LL have done this to further themselves, but lets not discount the opportunities that are presented to residents & business owners to further grow the Secondlife Community by promoting SL through external promotion of their businesses.

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