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Photography Series: Naked, Modest

 If you’ve seen my Flickr stream recently then you may have seen that I’m currently doing a series titled ‘Naked, Modest’.

 There are several goals I’m hoping to achieve with this series;

– Create an artistic collection of people from all walks of Secondlife, share a vision with them and hopefully, do them justice in portraying them through my eyes,

– Meet &/or catch up with flickr friends, & make some new ones 😉

– Create a series of custom poses to be made available for sale inworld,

– Develop my inworld photography & post editing skills.

If you are interested to be involved, please read further;

– Please IM me & send me a notecard inworld with your name & ‘naked modest’ as the name of the notecard, please include on the nc the times you are frequently inworld.

– After receiving your message, I’ll IM you & have a chat with you, ask you a few questions & answer any queries you have about the sitting – It might take me a few days to get in touch so if you haven’t heard from me after 3-4 days, please send me another message.

– To bring out your personality & define who you are, please have a think about your image beforehand, eg, what skin / hair / jewellery / piercings / tattooes / appendages (tails/ears/horns/wings) & clothing you would like to be wearing at the sitting.  If there are a couple of options you want to try I’m happy to do a few photos of each until I feel that we have a look that I believe shows your personality.

– For individuals, it’s my aim to create a custom pose for each person who sits for me, a great deal of my inspiration is drawn from you and how I want to portray you. Which is why I ask that you think about your ‘Image’ especially if you have Tattoes / piercings or tails / ears / hooves.

– Couples, yes please!!! I want to take your photo too, however I haven’t made any couples poses so am currently sourcing poses from other creators.  If you have a pose that you would like to use, please let me know and if it stays within the theme of this series, I’d love to use it.  I’ll need to know the details of the creator to ensure I give acknowldegements of who has made the pose.

– The poses I’m creating for this series will not necessarily be only reclining ones – I am very happy to hear your ideas on what you would like to be doing in the image, please just keeping in with the ‘Naked, Modest’ theme.

– Depending on what I have going on inworld at the time, it can take a few days for me to make your custom pose but I will be in touch to let you know how I’m going with it.  Once I’ve finished, I’ll let you know when I’m ready to go and we can work out a time to do the sitting – YAY!

– The sitting itself takes approximately 20-30 minutes. I do take several photos from different angles, all that I ask is that you have your ‘look'(s) worked out beforehand. I’d really appreciate it if you keep it to only 2-3 different looks.

– Post editing of your photograph usually takes 2-3 hours. It can take me a couple of days to sit down and really focus on the image and give it my full focus. Thank you for your paitence 🙂

– I am only doing one image per person, irrespective of the number of photographs I take at the sitting.

– This collection is about my passion as a photographer and my desire to improve my skills – I am not charging for the effort I put into my images, however if you feel inclined to show some appreciation, I’ll gladly accept it 😉

– If you would like me to take more images of you, I am happy to discuss a longer session &/or other poses & additional photographs however this will be at a cost to you and we can negotiate this at the time of your enquiry.

– Upon completion of your photograph, I’ll be posting it on Flickr and will send you a full permission copy of it inworld – very important I have Creative Commons applied to my images so that they are to be used only for your own personal purposes.

– However, in saying that, I’d be overjoyed to hear that you’ve been approached by a Creator of your tattooes / piercings / clothing / appendages wanting to display your Portrait in their Store/Gallery,

PLEASE ask them to contact me so that I am made aware and we can discuss how to best show your Portrait and some acknowledgement is given to me as Photographer.


Looking forward to having you on my flickr stream ^_^


❤ N


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