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Winter Magic at Black Swan

Have you been to the Black Swan sim for the Winter Magic Fashion Event?  If not, now is the perfect opportunity to visit the sim fee free (normally you have to purchase a watch or choker which you wear to enter the sim, which retails for L199, I’ll update this if I’ve got the amount wrong).  


The entire sim itself is a sculptural art Masterpiece, constructed by Light Waves who mysteriously disappeared off the grid without a word and has not been heard from for sometime.  The sim is reminiscent of an old PC game that was released many moons ago called Myst.  The game consisted of serveral different cryptic puzzles which you were required to complete before moving onto the next level, enabling you to move further around the Isle of Myst to determine what had happened to several of the characters in the game’s storyline.  You could almost say, that with the disappearance of Light Waves, Art has imitated Life, of course except on this occasion, its virtual art which bears some resemblence to a virtual life.  


In addition to Light Waves ethereal sculptures, there is also a stunning piece of permanent art there by Unreal McCoy, ‘Fetus’ (sic), and a quirky structure by Bryn Oh, I don’t know how long it has been there and I’m not sure of the name of it but what I can tell you that an interesting insect character, who seems to be quite timid when you approach him, resides at the top 😉


Aside from the art, its also currently about fashion and the main purpose of my blog today.   I have to say, that after having attended a few Fashion events at both Black Swan and Crimson Shadow (both owned & run by Rezzable), the designers this season have really gone all out to produce some of the most stunning fashion on the grid at the moment.  I count my lucky stars that I got my hands on some of the outfits as I model for Nocturne Modelling Agency and strutted my stuff in the first of three fashion shows held at Black Swan. 


The Designers that are involved in the event this season include: {Zaara}, Silent Sparrow, Paper Couture, Bijou, Casa Del Shai,  DP-Yumyum, Rebe Xtravaganza, Sn@tch, Lazy Places, Soo…. Obscene Skins, Moonshine Design, Vooner, Blue Blood, Sysy’s, Callie Cline, Eat Rice, Kookie, Philotic Energy, The Stringer Mausoleum (TSM), Denchu Dench.


Whilst I’m only going to highlight today what I wore down the catwalk, I can’t talk highly enough about all the beautiful designs now available at the Black Swan sim.  Go see for yourself and after your retail jaunt, take some time to stroll around this beautiful place.



Clothes: Bijou, ‘Moonlight’ / ‘Amethyst’, short style (beautiful hand drawn silk, delicate lace and feathers).  Perfect for cocktail parties this season, just make sure you find a big warm jacket to wear outdoors while getting from place to place.  The fabrics are light and delicate and the colouring will flatter any skin tone, when you purchase this outfit, you actually get 3 dresses in one, the value of these outfits is astounding and I admit with only a little tinge of jealousy that Mavi outshone me when we both wore our Bijou, the floor length dress literally shines!

Hair: Philotic Energy, ‘Odette’ Charcoal (this is not the style I wore on the catwalk but had to show it off anyway, I just adore it, the pearls are a lovely touch and the way the fringe sweeps across your brow finishes this style off very nicely!)

Skin: Obscene, ‘Freya’ No Glitter (you must must MUST check out these skins they are just gorgeous!!)

Eyes & Lashes: Obscene (they come in the skin pacs). My GOD these Lashes are stunning, I’ve done very little adjusting to them and perfectly compliment the skins and the eyes are nothing short of startling.

Shoes: Kookie Lemon, ‘Phoebe Snow Drop’. These are a beautiful pair of silk covered heels that perfectly compliment all of the Bijou dresses and would go just as well with a pair of tailored pants or a short skirt and winter tights.



This is a cute fun little outfit from Rebel Xtravaganza, a designer that I hadn’t heard about until now but I know that I will be visiting their main store very soon!!

Clothes: Rebel Xtravaganza, ‘Not Your Average Fairytale’ Charcoal/Gold, winter warm and cosy fabrics with cute striped stockings, available in 4 different colours; Charcoal/Gold (worn), Charcoal/Purple (very Regal), Charcoal/Red (everyone will gather around you to warm their hands because you’ll look so hot), Charcoal/Teal (Teal is such an IT colour this season, make sure you have plenty of it, you can’t go wrong!)

Shoes: Lazy Places, ‘Myth Boots’ Winter Centaur Black Swan Edition (am totally digging thse boots, when I’m not wearing my DD Messina heels you’ll catch me getting around in these cute boots, you can tell they are made with love, the attention to detail that Sakura & Sven have put into them, the boots themselves and the snow scripts are just gorgeous – you guys rock!)

Skin: Obscene, Kathirat (face Glitter)

Hair:  TSM, Wrapped Rock Blood (Helena has done a great job with these styles, love the hint of flexi and the hair clips are a lovely finish to it)


Finally, my favourite outfit I modelled on the day, Blue Blood offers up exactly how to get around in the pattern of the season, Argyle.  I’ve been clip clopping all over the grid wearing this outfit since last Friday and I’m having a very hard time getting her out of it, I’m sure you’ll understand why when you see the pictures 😉


Clothes: Blue Blood, ‘Florencia’ Teal (yes!! Teal again – do it, go now and search your wardrobe for some!!) Honestly, if you could ever put; Modest and sexy in the same sentence together, it would perfectly describe this beautiful dress.  Impeccable attention to detail has gone into the design, from the knitted Argyle skirts to the felt button down front, to the way it moves as you crunch lightly through the snow or ice skate on your favourite pond, this is the dress you want to be out and about in all those Winterized Sims this season!!  It also comes in a variety of colours; Teal (worn), Black, Red and Purple – you can’t go wrong with any of the colours as they are all rich deep tones.

Shoes: Lazy Places, ‘Myth Boots’ Winter Centaur Black Swan Edition (Did I mention above that you need to get a pair of these boots? they are just fun fun fun & are a good way to completely change the look of any outfit)

Skin: Obscene, ‘Freya’ No Glitter (these are some of the prettiest skins around at the moment,  I’m wishing that I modelled as Newdoll so I could of had these skins in my main wardrobe because they are just lovely, the makeups are so pretty but not overdone and I love the rosey cheeks, giving you that light ‘snow tan’ look.  Kuja has really worked some magic into these skins, they are stunning, the lip colours are gorgeous.  I honestly just can’t fault them at all.  I haven’t seen one person wearing them that didn’t look beautiful.

Hair: TSM ‘Wrapped’ Rock Camo, with Hair Jewels – Helena I love love LOVE these snowflake hair jewels!!


All fashions currently available at Black Swan until January 9








7 responses to “Winter Magic at Black Swan

  1. sasyscarborough December 20, 2008 at 12:19 am

    you look superb, well done you 🙂

    xox Sasy xox

  2. lokum shilova December 20, 2008 at 1:05 am

    Newdoll , I absolutely love the photos and each look Wonderful blog !

    • Newdoll Nikolaidis December 20, 2008 at 1:13 am

      thank you lovelies! Its so wonderful to have these beautiful clothes I had to blog them, and had fun with the pictures – while I was at the sim taking them, a lovely little japanese girl with the brightest blinging xmas lights on her reindeer antlers was causing burnout on my images. She couldn’t understand english so I had to wait while she blinged out the sim until she moved before resuming my pics.

      I’m looking forward to seeing the pics that Stephen Venkman took too!! ^_^

  3. Winter Jefferson December 20, 2008 at 8:39 am

    Oh hai. Stop writing better blogs about Rezzable clothing than I do. ❤

    You look beautiful, Noodle – and you’ve shot this so well. I especially love the Rebel-X picture where you have your eyes closed. That’s Winter Magic right there.

  4. Newdoll Nikolaidis December 20, 2008 at 10:44 am

    awwwwww *blushes* ty – was hard not to take lovely piccies of these clothes, they’re all so lovely, maybe if I’m lucky enough I’ll get my hands on some more to blog *grin*


  5. alberogssm December 22, 2008 at 9:42 am

    Great work noodles you rawk!

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