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Pure, unadulterated

Sasy had been teasing and taunting me for days with a big announcement, but at first she couldn’t say what.  Then yesterday, she sent me a little preview of what was in the pipeline.


As soon as that image rezzed for me, I tingled all over, buzzing with excitement for what Digit was working on – sculpty shoes! Hip hip hooooray!!


Then today, while I got up early to be part of the Black Swan Fashion Event (more on that soon, promise – more yummy goodness!) Sasy logged on not long afterwards.  We spoke briefly as I was preparing to head down the catwalk and she mentioned that she had a big day ahead of her as well.  Well, with only a few hiccups at the Black Swan show (thank you to everyone for their paitence & support, I hope you found it to be worth the wait) I headed off a few hours to wander the grid and do a bit of exploring.


Meanwhile, Digit slaved away in her studio meticulously, bringing many womens fantasies inworld.


When the first folder dropped in my lap I had arrived at the Champagne Rooms Burlesque Club, only just missing a show performed by the none other then, Miss December – Dollinger that is.  Unfortunately I missed seeing her in action (I will see your boobies Dec, if it kills me!).  Not long after I arrived though the first little bundle of hotness arrived from Miss Sasy, I got a little excited.


Ok, ok, ok, I got a lot excited.  Did I mention I got tingles all over when she sent me that fuzzy image (hell, I”m a visual person, what can I say? *grin*).  I quickly realised I needed some alone time.  Just me, a glass of wine, and armfuls of shopping bags spread all over the floor of my bedroom.  It was all a little overwhelming & I didn’t quite know where to begin. 


There really is nothing quite like sliding your feet into a pair of stilettos, feeling that new shoe tightness as it rubs against your skin, pushing your heel downwards until your feet are fully encased within the tight bindings and a little surge goes through you as you become one with the shoe.  Only to then get a thrill when you realise you get to repeat this part of the ritual all over again.


Standing up for the first time, fully feeling the pressure of the leather firm against your feet, dorsal curving, giving that high arched look.  Standing tall and admiring the curve of your ankles and legs, the straining musculature of your calf muscles.  Taking that first step, then another, practising your walk, evolving it into a confident stride ready to take on the world.


For your viewing pleasure, I’m pleased to present here, the Messina Heels from Digit Darkes, available instore now. 





5 responses to “Pure, unadulterated

  1. Creamy December 17, 2008 at 2:54 am

    OMG these shoes are lush, I’m drooling.
    SL gives me the same shivers that RL shoes do, but without the pain YAY :))

  2. Newdoll Nikolaidis December 17, 2008 at 8:19 am

    hahaah yes totally Creamy & these shoes are to die for! honestly, deciding which pair to get is going to be the hardest – get them all!! 😛

  3. kesseret December 17, 2008 at 11:59 am

    wai…December boobies?

    I love how you describe everything and these shoes are pretty damn killer! ❤

  4. Newdoll Nikolaidis December 17, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    YAY YAY – you needs them Kessy!

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