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Omg I’ve got stuffs for sale – woohooo

So its only taken me ummmmmmm…. what was I saying again? ;p

Well yeah, its taken me a little while to finally pull finger and actually sell stuff.  I don’t have a store inworld but have set up Onrez & SLX (Xstreet, whatever its called these days >_<). 

Watch this space & maybe I’ll get a little store inworld up and running too, or maybe someone can spare me a little corner at their store ^_^

What a buzz… lol

So what am I selling at the moment? For now its a 10 pose pack, called ‘Lovin’ Life’.  They’re just really happy fun poses that have you jumping in the air with joy.  The pack itself has 9 poses advertised, but there are actually 10 poses in all, a surprise for now 😉


I do intend to list the poses individually so you’ll have the option just to purchase one pose buy itself as well (what you don’t want ALL of these poses? ;p) 

Noodle Box - Lovin Life Pose Pack

Noodle Box - Lovin Life Pose Pack

These were a lot of fun to make and I hope you have fun with them too!  Every time I use them it puts a smile on my face.  Just incase you’re wondering where this picture was taken, its at Jigoku, Higashiosaka which was made by Donpatchy, who was the artist that gifted Colemarie an amazing statue, which you can view here.

And as for making poses? Well I’ve used Qavimator, which is free software that you can download for free.  Want to know how to make poses, check out Natalia Zelmanov’s Blog here.

And please, contact me inworld too, am more than happy to help out ^_^. 

Finally, I need to thank Sasy & Winter for encouraging me with these and finally listing them for sale, love you guys.




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