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Looking for Shelter

Secondlife can sometimes surprise you in the most amazing ways.

I was hanging out with Alles Klaar at the Creamshop which I had never been to before, really cute little sim, it constantly rains and the cabbies never seem to see your hail.  Ok, so some of them slowed down but none ever stopped?

I wonder what it was about us that made them think twice?

So it was drizzling a bit and just at the right moment, I remembered I had an umbrella from NODe which i rezzed out, just in time too, bc it then started to really pour down.

But its a good thing, because we really need the rain where I live, and funnily enough, we’ve experienced some of the most severe storms on record in over 30 years.  Aside from that though, the sound of the rain relaxes me

So there we were, getting splashed by the puddles as the cabs passed us by.  Alles’ camera playing up, maybe she got some water in it? Who knows, but while waiting for her to sort herself out I decided to have a play around with my TOR settings, going through each one, playing with the sliders a little, seeing how much of a difference it made, if not much of one at all, then going to the next one…..

Then, I chose a setting called ‘Use with Full Bright’ and like a bolt of lightning, this image appeared:


Would you believe me if I told you that I haven’t done any post edit work to this at all?  

In no way do I profess to be an outstanding photographer in Secondlife.  I love to play around with post editing if I think my limited abilities can improve something but for the most part, I love to try and set up an image as much as I can inworld and then pretty it up afterwards.

But then sometimes, every once in a rare while, something poops out.  Its times like these, hanging out with friends, having fun, mucking around, & then one little thing happens that reaffirms my love for Secondlife.

And on that note, I’m off to sleep listening to the rain pounding on my roof, sending me to sleep with its soothing lullaby.

❤ Noodle


2 responses to “Looking for Shelter

  1. Grazia November 22, 2008 at 1:27 am

    That’s friggin’awesome Noodles!

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