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A New Home

I’ve decided to give the ecentric side of life a go.  Or to put it more eloquently, I’ve gone steampunk!

Have you seen my new Skyship on Flickr yet?

My new home is a Steampunk Skyship!

My new home is a Steampunk Skyship!

I’ll post a few more pics as I furnish it, I’m surprised at how spacious it is inside, but in reality, if this WERE a “real” Airship then I wouldn’t be able to have a bed room in the balloon part of it ^_^ Thank SL for the miracle “endless possibilities”  ;p

So now my challenge is decorating it.  Rustica, which I’ve haunted a few times since Maxwell Graf opened the sim up, its an incredible build, you gotta love when thought, care & consideration has gone into a build.  Another place that has tickled my fancy recently is Sky Everett.  I bought her Temptress hairstyle after spotting another of her styles on Flickr.

There have been a few other places that I’ve picked up the odd item here & there, but I have to honestly say, with the onset of scuplty prims & sculpty textures, I’m surprised that its still slim pickings when it comes to good quality, finely detailed furniture, well mebbe thats just the style that I’m after at the moment (steampunkgothvictorianartdeconouveau – got that?). (Ok, so mebbe I’ve just tempted myself into learning how to make sculpty textures – watch this space)

Send any LMs my way if you think there’s someone has WOWed you with their creative abilities in SL, I know there’s a zillion (ok well, almost that many) creative minds in SL so I’m sure theres a few people I haven’t discovered yet.

Ok, am off to bed, just past 1am and any purchases I make now I’m sure I’ll regret in the morning o.0

ciao ciao


One response to “A New Home

  1. kesseret November 16, 2008 at 2:44 am

    NOOOOOODLE!!!! YAY!!! Your skyship is amazing!!!!

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