Just a Girl…

… blogging from a virtual world

Hello Virtual World!

*waves* Welcome to mah blog ^_^

Why am I blogging? I’m sure its the question that all bloggers contemplate and post about on their blogs. 

In all honesty, I can’t answer this yet, you have to gimme a little bit, I’m not gonna waffle on now about how wonderful I am and how much you are gonna be missing out if you DONT read my blog.  I am gonna say that I think it might be an interesting journey and I’m inviting you to join me part of the way ^_^

So who is me? I play a game called Secondlife.  My name is Newdoll Nikolaidis *wave*, friends call me Noodle (don’t ask why/how, mebbe in a later blog m’kay?), and for the better part of 18 months I’ve been entering this world on a daily basis, wandering, making friends, exploring, taking photos, building and creating….

For  while now I’ve been using Flickr as a way of keeping a visual diary of my life & times in SL, and now I see this blog as an extension to that, its my goal now to take a more active part, be an inworld creator and give my own 2 cents worth about the world I live in.

After all is said and done, I’m just a girl in this virtual world, this is my journey, lets cross paths sometime 😉

Noodle xox


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